Photo report about session of Mujahideen

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Kavkaz Center news agency reported earlier, referring to the sources in Shamil Basayev's circle, that on Thursday June 6 a broad session of the Chechen Command under the leadership of President of CRI Aslan Maskhadov was held in one of the southern districts of Ichkeria. Kavkaz Center sources reported that Shamil Basayev and other Commanders of Chechen Mujahideen participated in the session. No details of the session were reported. However, as Kavkaz Center found out, a number of fundamentally important decisions have been made during this meeting. These decisions will later determine the nature of internal political situation in the country, the attitude of the Chechen State towards Russia, as well as a possible course of war operations against the formations of Russian invaders. Kavkaz Center sources from Shamil Basayev's circle pointed out that the session of the Chechen Command must show to anyone who doubts that the unity of forces of the Chechen Resistance is not a myth, but a reality, which the enemies, as well as the allies, will have to consider.

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